Chris Country Weekly

    Welcome to Chris Country Weekly, the radio show produced by the team at Chris Country Radio.

    We play country music 24/7 online, and we’re delighted to be taking the best of our playlist to radio stations that want some country music on their schedule. If it’s not already on your local station, why not ask them if they’ll consider taking it?

    Chris Country Weekly is presented by Chris Stevens. Chris has been presenting radio shows for almost 20 years, but it wasn’t until his job took him to Texas for five years that he discovered country music.

    I discovered these American country stations playing really cool music – full of Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. I couldn’t believe that I’d never heard of them before!

    When Chris returned to the UK he founded Chris Country Radio along with some other radio professionals, who also happened to be called Chris!


    Here's where you can hear the show...

    Pulse 2 – West Yorkshire – 1350AM and DAB Digital Radio – Sundays 7-10pm

    Signal 2 – Staffordshire and Cheshire – 1170AM and DAB Digital Radio – Sundays 1-4pm

    Swansea Sound - South West Wales - 1170AM and DAB Digital Radio - Mondays 7-10pm

    Downtown Country - Northern Ireland - Digital Radio - Sundays 3-6pm

    Lakeland Radio – The Lake District – 100.1, 100.8 and 101.4 FM – Sundays 4-7pm

    More Minster - North Yorkshire - DAB Digital Radio - Sundays 4-7pm

    Star Radio – Cambridge and Ely – 107.1 and 107.9 FM – Sundays 4-7pm

    The Hub – Cornwall – 106.1 and 106.4FM – Mondays 8-10pm

    Radio Scilly – Scilly – 107.9FM – Sundays 6-8pm

    We're also on a number of community, hospital and online radio stations in the UK and beyond. To check availability for your station, please contact us via this website.



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