Thursday, March 23rd, 2023

    • 1:00am

      CLR At Night

      Continuous music all night long!

    • 6:00am

      Mikey Faulkner

      The Full Country Breakfast, with music and headlines to start your Monday

    • 9:00am

      Mikey Faulkner

      The Workday Kickoff - 9 songs in a row to start the workday.

    • 10:00am

      Matt Spracklen

      Matt sorts you out for your workday, with the biggest country hits.

    • 2:00pm

      CountryLine Radio

      Music to get you through the workday!

    • 3:00pm

      John Collins

      Countryline Radio Drivetime

    • 7:00pm

      Liam Scott

    • 10:00pm

      CountryLine Chilled

      Ballads and the calmer stuff

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