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H. Jack Williams: Singer / Songwriter – Kevin Coster, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Greg Allman, Peter Gabriel.


40 seconds | Thursday, 2 June 2022
When I set my mind out to do something, I do it.  – H. Jack Williams  For this episode, we’re at Anthem Entertainment in Nashville with singer/songwriter H. Jack Williams.  Anthem is one of the world’s leading independent music and entertainment conten...
26 seconds | Thursday, 19 May 2022
Dear God, please send me a southern, good looking Christian millionaire who I can be in love with and he can be in love with me…and there I was, having dinner with Glen Campbell.  — Kim Campbell  Welcome to part two of our interview series on the life ...
31 seconds | Wednesday, 27 April 2022
There was never a more wonderful human being on the planet than Glen Campbell. – Mike Borchetta  Generations of artists count Glen Campbell as one of the greatest artists who ever lived. He was gifted with the kind of voice that connected to the lyric ...
51 seconds | Wednesday, 13 April 2022
Manifesting your dreams and visualizing your success works.  We’re proof of that.  -Candy & Jacy  This episode is a little bit different from the others.  While together in Palm Springs, California for a west coast swing of interviews,
28 seconds | Wednesday, 23 March 2022
Did I change somebody’s life, or change somebody’s day or help somebody to survive cancer because of this song that was a joy to write? That’s everything. – Lindy Robbins  Our trip to Los Angeles was a blast.  We had lunch in Beverly Hills,
34 seconds | Thursday, 10 March 2022
Being a producer is a lot like directing a film.  You want to have a look at the bigger picture.  You need to be able to zoom out and help the artist get a picture of where they’ve always wanted to go. -Anthony Resta  We’re back from our west coast swi...
32 seconds | Thursday, 24 February 2022
Somebody from an 11 dollar house in Alabama has cut some of the biggest records in the world and if that can happen for me, it can happen for you.  – Jim Vest    We can hardly wait for you to hear this interview with Jim Vest:  musician, producer,
42 seconds | Wednesday, 2 February 2022
There are a lot of parallels between the French wine industry and the country music industry. The vintners will cut back the vines to make them suffer in order to produce the best grapes.  There is a part of this town that wants you to suffer a little ...
40 seconds | Thursday, 20 January 2022
I appreciate the moment. I learned many years ago that happiness is the appreciation of what is happening. – Jim Messina    We were beside ourselves as we headed to the home of Jim Messina.  There we were  in Jacy’s silver Toyota Corolla,
41 seconds | Wednesday, 5 January 2022
Be a good hang. Don’t bring dark energy into the room and be kind to people. Love the music so much, it loves you back.  – Bobby Tomberlin  We’re kicking off 2022 with a trip to Curb WORD on Nashville’s famous Music Row.
23 seconds | Wednesday, 8 December 2021
For this episode, Jacy and I got to thinking about our favorite answers to the questions we always ask during our interviews with country music icons. We decided to put together a “best of” episode that featured singers and songwriters answering the qu...
32 seconds | Wednesday, 24 November 2021
“You and I” just stuck out to me as a title, so I just wrote it down on a piece of paper with some other titles because I was really just learning how to write songs. – Frank Myers  From a career that began as a singer with a guitar on stages large and...
31 seconds | Wednesday, 10 November 2021
When I had the chicken pox, I went on stage. When I had a cracked rib, I went on stage. And that is the old Vaudeville saying “the show must go on.”   – Jamie O’Neal  Music Row is pretty magical. The streets that make up this iconic area of Nashville a...
44 seconds | Wednesday, 27 October 2021
We love it so much.  We love our fans, we love what we do, and it is exhausting, but I think it’s a calling on our lives where, we have to do this. This is part of our blood. It’s our calling. – Lily Isaacs   In this interview,
44 seconds | Thursday, 14 October 2021
The appeal of music for me was playing the music. When you start playing, and that music is blowing by you, around you. It is the most amazing, glorious feeling.  – Sonny LeMaire    In this episode, we sit down with Sonny LeMaire, bass player,
Tuesday, 28 September 2021
I think I am known as a nice guy.  It’s more important to be a great person than it is to be a hit songwriter.  -Chris Lindsey  In this episode, we’re heading back to Aimeeland, a famous recording studio just outside of Nashville for an interview with ...
39 seconds | Wednesday, 15 September 2021
Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves because the creation of Country Music Success Stories combines both of our talents and checks all of our boxes! -Candy O’Terry & Jacy Dawn Valeras We’ve been getting lots of messages from listeners (and please keep ...
51 seconds | Thursday, 22 July 2021
Find something you like doin’ so much, you’d do it for nothin’ and then learn to do it so well that they’ll pay you and then you’ve got it made. That’s how I feel about performing. – Bill Anderson If you want to get someone’s attention, just whisper!
42 seconds | Wednesday, 7 July 2021
I’ve always expected great things and I’ve asked people to do the same. It’s a mindset. If you expect bad things to happen, they will. I don’t think anybody would disagree with that. Therefore, if you expect great things to happen they will.
41 seconds | Wednesday, 23 June 2021
I grew up on a farm with the clothes line in the backyard and I knew that millions of Americans would relate to that. As much as I love New York and L.A, I am really a spokesperson for middle America and the girl next door.
27 seconds | Wednesday, 2 June 2021
Your identity is not about how well you’re doing on the charts, that’s your job, you have to treat that as your career and keep it separate. Your identity has to be bigger than, “I’m a star” because that star can fade fast.
27 seconds | Wednesday, 19 May 2021
When I saw my name on that first record, it just lit something up inside of me. -Aimee Mayo Meet Aimee Mayo, award-winning songwriter and survivor. In this interview, we drive down a country lane just outside of Nashville and find our way to AimeeLand,...
36 seconds | Wednesday, 5 May 2021
Pay attention to trends, but never be a follower.  Be a leader, not a follower. Push the envelop, but don’t let it break. I like to stay in front of the curve, but I never like to be too cool for the room. -Tony Brown  Just when Jacy and I think we’ve ...
34 seconds | Wednesday, 21 April 2021
Fame is not a decision you make. It’s a lot more work, and it’s a lot of fairy dust. -John Berry Let’s turn back time to 1979 when singer/songwriter/guitarist John Berry had big dreams and the patience to see them through.
30 seconds | Wednesday, 31 March 2021
I’m like this anonymous Oz behind the curtain guy nobody ever knows. The face of the songs are the artists who record them. -Steve Dorff If you are a songwriter or a composer, this episode is for you! Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2018,...
40 seconds | Wednesday, 17 March 2021
I was only 15 when I climbed out my window and ran away to Memphis with 60 cents in mypocket. I look around at my life now and I realize that it all started with just 60 cents. -TG Sheppard Incredible as it seems,
29 seconds | Tuesday, 2 March 2021
Relationships are everything and in Nashville they are made of gold. When Jacy introduced me to Naomi Judd and we interviewed her at their compound in Leipers Fork, Tennessee, her husband Larry Strickland was sitting on a couch in the recording studio,...
27 seconds | Wednesday, 17 February 2021
I didn’t come to Nashville having played bars for 10 years. I was a total green horn. So I learned a lot. It’s a blast, it’s like perpetual adolescence. -Karen Staley Welcome to the success story of a woman whose songs have been played on radio more th...
35 seconds | Tuesday, 2 February 2021
I first wrote poetry and got it published in the high school year book and it gave me a little bit of positive feedback that somebody must like what I do. The minute I got a guitar, I just started trying to put the two together and started writing song...
29 seconds | Wednesday, 20 January 2021
There’s always growth, there’s always somewhere to go to in music, a place you have not reached. Every time I’ve stuck my neck out musically, I’ve been rewarded. -Lori McKenna In this episode, we sit down with two-time Grammy winning singer/songwriter ...
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H. Jack Williams: Singer / Songwriter – Kevin Coster, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Greg Allman, Peter Gabriel.
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