A Country Christmas Special

    CountryLine and Dixie Fields present A Country Christmas Special - featuring 7 of the UK's most loved homegrown country artists.

    Join us on the 1st December for the Dixie Fields / CountryLine Christmas Concert! Watch seven of the UK’s finest country acts and kick start the festive season. Here's who is performing:

    • Remember Monday
    • Two Ways Home
    • Backwoods Creek
    • Jake Morrell
    • Vicki Manser
    • Katy Hurt
    • Poppy Fardell

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    CountryLine Plus members will be able to watch the Christmas concert through the CountryLine website from the 1st December and UP TO A WEEK after the event on demand, whenever you wish. So even if you can't watch the concert on the night, you've got a week to catch up at any time.

    Sign up now at https://www.countryline.tv/viewplans and use the code DFIELDS.